Bodewadmi Consulting

Bodewadmi Consulting is First Nation owned and operated and was founded in March 2015. Bodewadmi Consulting was created with the intent to increase self-determination through increased self-awareness among First Nations Peoples. Bodewadmi Consulting uses pragmatic and timeless strategies that enable participants to transform and take control of their lives. Bodewadmi Consulting uses the First Nations Medicine Wheel to make sense of how our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects are all connected and need to be in balance to achieve optimal wellbeing and to be the best version of ourselves. Bodewadmi Consulting also works with non-Indigenous organizations to promote increased Indigenous cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural competency, cultural humility, and cultural safety. Bodewadmi Consulting believes that when people understand the true history of Indigenous Peoples that they will be more empathetic and more willing to contribute to improving the lives of Indigenous Peoples. Bodewadmi Consulting always conducts its cultural training in a way that respects all involved with the intention to convey true information for the purposes of increasing awareness and understanding towards Indigenous Peoples. Bodewadmi Consulting has also worked with clients on teambuilding, strategic planning, and meeting facilitation.

Warren Lewis

My name is Warren Lewis. My traditional name is Eyaankejiget, which translates as a bridge-builder, or one who builds bridges between peoples. I am an Anishinaabe of Ojibway and Potawatomi descent. My Peoples were also part of the Confederacy of the Three Fires in which every nation had a purpose and where the Ojibway were the providers, the Odawa were the warriors, and the Potawatomi were the fire keepers. The name of the business it the traditional name of the Potawatomi (Bode-wad-mi) which translates as “keepers of the fire”. I am of the Fish Clan (the intellectuals, dreamers, and philosophers) and the Deer Clan (the gentle people, pacifists, and peacekeepers). I am a community member from the Wikwemiikoong Unceded Territory where our land has never been surrendered. I have been contributing to First Nations Peoples mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health and well-being for years through my work as a personal trainer, healthy living coordinator, clinical coordinator, college professor, facilitator, and educator. I continually draw from all of my professional and personal experiences to guide my work, trainings and teachings.
what I do


CHANGE Workshop

Creating Healthy Adaptations for Natural Growth and Empowerment.

CHERISH Workshop

Creating Helpers who Embrace Reconciliation within Institutions and Systems using Humanism.

The professionalism and respect demonstrated by Bodewadmi Consulting was evident in the manner by which the sessions were facilitated. The group discussions and individual feedback allowed for all voices to be heard. The final report for each session were submitted within a timely manner. Without a doubt, our organization would gladly utilize the services of Bodewadmi Consulting once again.

Mii gwetch on behalf of Naandwechige-Gamig Wikwemikong Health Centre.
Naandwechige-Gamig Wikwemikong Health Centre