CHANGE Workshop

for Indigenous professional development

CHANGE is an acronym for the Creating Healthy Adaptations for Natural Growth and Empowerment. As you can tell from the acronym the CHANGE Workshop seeks to inspire transformational change among participants; through increased self-awareness; we will find increased self-determination. Participants will explore the relationship between how the past influences the present, how significant events affect our lives, how our self-perception affects our lives, how our thoughts and emotions affect our lives, how our relationships affect our lives, how our attachments to certain things affect our lives, and how certain things in our lives create unwanted actions and unintended consequences. Participants will find out how to reshape and recreate their personal stories, how to reframe significant events, how to readjust self-perceptions, how to use our thoughts and emotions to our advantage, how to find and keep relationships that empower us, how to detach from certain things that may be holding us back, and how to take positive actions towards the life we want.

CHANGE Workshop Outcomes

  • Increased intrapersonal skills (recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses)
  • Increased interpersonal skills (ability to work better with others)
  • Increased learning/adaptability skills (ability to learn and adapt from situations)
  • Increased self-awareness (ability to understand and relate to yourself better)
  • Increased self-assurance (ability to be confident and rely on yourself and your abilities)
  • Increased self-determination (ability to take ownership and responsibility for your life)

CHANGE Workshop Audiences Include:

Urban Indigenous organizations
friendship centres
health access centres
On-Reserve First Nations organizations
health centres
band offices
child and family services
social services
community events

CHERISH Workshop

for Indigenous cultural sensitivity
CHERISH is an acronym for Creating Helpers who Embrace Reconciliation within Institutions and Systems using Humanism. As you can tell from the acronym the CHERISH Workshop seeks to inspire transformational change among participants through increased awareness of topics that impact the lives of First Nations Peoples. Participants will engage in active participation and dialogue as we cover how topics such as differing worldviews, the Indian Act, the Residential Schools, the Indian Day Schools, the Indian Hospitals, the 60’s Scoop, and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls have and continue to impact First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Peoples. Participants will also learn how all of the aforementioned past events directly contribute to the negative impacts on Indigenous Peoples social determinants of health such as poverty, unemployment, overcrowding, food insecurity, substance abuse, family violence, educational attainment, healthcare hesitancy. Participants will hear a first-hand account and perspectives about the realities of First Nations Peoples.

CHERISH Workshop Outcomes

  • Increased Indigenous cultural empathy (understanding how much Indigenous Peoples are truly struggling and understanding the current realities for Indigenous Peoples)
  • Increased Indigenous cultural awareness (understanding how Indigenous history has a direct impact on current realities for Indigenous Peoples)
  • Increased Indigenous cultural sensitivity (understanding how different worldviews affect the way we interpret and interact with Indigenous Peoples)
  • Increased Indigenous cultural humility (understanding that learning is a life-long process which requires continually learning more about Indigenous Peoples)
  • Increased Indigenous cultural safety (understanding how history, social, systemic, and interpersonal power imbalances shape experiences for Indigenous Peoples)  
  • Increased Indigenous cultural competence (understanding that the more you know the better you will be able to effectively interact with Indigenous Peoples)
  • Increased Trauma Informed Care (helping health care practitioners understand how intergenerational trauma has and continues to impact Indigenous Peoples lives)
  • Decreased Anti-Indigenous Racism (through understanding the plight of Indigenous Peoples and through increased empathy and compassion we will create Pro-Indigenous Champions)

CHERISH Workshop Audiences Include:

elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educators
healthcare workers
child and family services workers
law enforcement
first responders
provincial employees
municipal employees

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